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Travel companies.

Offer unique travel, whilst guaranteeing your suppliers safety and sustainability.

Your purpose is to offer travellers memorable and safe experiences, which run smoothly from beginning to end. This includes hotels, restaurants and many other suppliers, in various destinations. Preverisk’s services and technology, provide peace of mind that your clients will have the wonderful experience they sought when booking with you, strengthening your levels of quality and reliability.

How we can help you.

At Preverisk we offer services adapted to the needs of travel agencies, tour operators and other tourism enterprises. We can help you to:

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Develop or review your Safety Management System (SMS).

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Develop or review your H&S framework.

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Quickly and easily monitor hotel and other suppliers sustainability compliance ratings.

Clearly defining your organisation's procedures will allow you to control hazards and reduce risks, in line with your values and strategy.

Consulting, auditing and training for Travel Companies.

Through our services we guarantee the hygiene, health and safety of your suppliers, both at origin and destination. Our programmes cover various areas, including:

Preverisk technology.

In addition to offering consultancy services, at Preverisk we have developed our own technology to manage audits and information more effectively and flexibly. This way, you can have access to our very own systems such as App4Check and Data Sharing Portal, according to your needs.


App4Check is software developed by us and tailored to the requirements of companies in the tourism sector, such as travel agencies, tour operators and other organisations. It facilitates both on site and remote auditing, from any device, as well as the analysis of all gathered data.

Easier auditing.

Faster auditing, with no need for paper logs, so they can be completed and followed up from anywhere in the world.

Easier management.

Manages all of your suppliers far more easily, by integrating all information into one system.

Clearer reports.

Provides accurate and up-to-date reports of every audit carried out in hotels, restaurants and establishments in any destination.

More useful data.

Information is all stored and managed efficiently, ready for use to make relevant operational decisions.

Data Sharing Portal

The Data Sharing Portal gives you access to a large amount of information regarding hygiene, health and safety in the tourism industry. With our business intelligence techniques, we analyse and transform large amounts of data into information, to help you make better commercial decisions.


Access to industry data and other data (related to our services), which you can use as comparative indicators: Audit indicators, consultancy and training of hotel groups or tourist destinations.


Our platform can be customised to allow you to make better use of information most relevant to your strategy.

Find out what we have done right.

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Find out what we have done right.

Cape Verde Safe Tourism Programme

Preverisk joined forces with Cape Verde’s Ministry of Tourism to regain confidence and reactivate the destination following the pandemic.

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Questions frequently asked by our clients.

Yes. At Preverisk we have our own internationally recognised certification, which is accepted and highly regarded by large companies within the sector such as Jet2Holidays, TUI and MTS Globe, amongst others.

One of our focuses is service customisation. We aim to adapt 100% to your needs, so you can always count on receiving the services and systems you require.

Yes, for example, should an emergency occur in a destination, our team members can travel in person to analyse the situation and help resolve it.

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Commit to sustainable tourism in order to offer unique experiences today, without compromising tomorrow.

If you have any questions about how we can help you or need more information, please contact us.

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