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Mission, Vision, Values and R&D&I
Strategy Management R&D&I Policy

The Preverisk team’s Mission is to accompany the tourism sector as it moves towards a better quality tourism which is both safe and sustainable.

To maintain our leading position in public health and tourism and be an international benchmark for sustainability, by promoting the sector’s digital transformation and technological development.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main value. Our policy is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and have staff predisposed to provide specialised, sustainable, ethical and fair services.

In order for the client to be happy, it’s essential that the product we offer meets their expectations. To do this, we create and develop innovative solutions for the travel sector, always with a top quality service and reducing (or eliminating) as far as possible, any impact these solutions could have on the environment, human rights, animal welfare, development opportunities, etc.

Our multinational company operates in many diverse countries, therefore in our teams equality is essential with regards to sex, religion, culture and with respect to traditions, languages, local economies etc.

Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) STRATEGY:

Innovation at Preverisk Group is not an option. Innovation must be integrated into the DNA of the company, for various reasons including: To be more competitive (with our competitors). To generate high impact projects(to increase the company’s prestige and consequently our clients’ trust). To retain staff(by providing an environment of progress and innovation).

Preverisk’s areas of work must constantly advance and adapt to new times. Scientific-technology, knowledge, safety and sustainability legislation, are advancing rapidly and all companies in the same line of business as Preverisk must adapt and implement these advances in their procedures, services, etc. However, implementing new knowledge and advances is something implicit of the contracted service (obviously a hotel which hires a consultant to advise them on Legionella issues, expects that consultant to be up to date in all aspects regarding Legionella). Therefore to stand out, it isn’t enough just to have good knowledge management, it is essential to go one step further and opt to innovate all aspects.

For various years, Preverisk has been certified according to the UNE 166002 standard, which defines the requirements that an R&D&I management system must meet. Even prior to this certification, Preverisk was already conscious of the need to innovate, to be at the forefront of the market and this is what it has done since the company was formed. Additionally, over the past year, a new department has been created, bringing together many of the company's innovation tasks (tasks in which all the other departments need to be involved).

Services offered by Preverisk Group are a true reflection of the degree of our clients’ acceptance, compliance with the organisation’s defined technical requirements and compliance with current health and tourism regulations. In order to achieve this basic objective, management expresses its firm determination to carry out the following strategies:

1. To ensure that the innovative services provided to our clients, results in their greater satisfaction and in turn leads to further confidence in our company.

2. To prioritise motivation, job training and self-monitoring in operational activities, in order to achieve the participation of all staff.

3. Technology and appropriate means will be used to improve service and response times to client’s needs, therefore making us more competitive and guaranteeing the health and safety of tourism.

4. Fostering client proactivity will be encouraged, to better define their requirements and ensure we achieve these with collaboration from suppliers and subcontractors.

5. To develop the skills to detect errors and their causes and incorporate information from client claims into the continuous improvement process.

6. Maintain an innovative attitude, keeping up to date with information from suppliers and clients regarding changes to the market’s tourist services. Likewise, we aim to continuously improve our services.


Preverisk Services Group is a company dedicated to providing consulting, training and auditing services to companies in the tourism sector.

The company strives to continuously improve its activity’s development, for which it has implemented the R&D&I Management System. All staff have been made aware of the importance of teamwork, indicating that the seal of innovation is not purely a commercial distinction, but involves the use of a management system which will provide higher quality, efficiency, safety, smooth work flow and the eradication of errors or deficiencies that may arise in company projects.

To establish and continuously improve the effectiveness of the R&D&I Management System, Management is committed to complying with the requirements of the UNE 166002 standard and to continuously improve the system’s efficiency. It is therefore committed to providing the necessary technical and human resources and to achieving the aspects indicated below, through staff awareness of the following:

  • To improve productivity, increase the efficiency of processes, reduce their operating costs and consequently increase the Group's competitive advantages.
  • To establish and meet general R&D&I Management objectives.
  • To implement the continuous improvement of the defined R&D&I Management process and therefore, improve the System’s efficiency.
  • To achieve better communication with clients and know/resolve their innovative requirements with regards to public health, safety and sustainability.
  • To participate in detecting technological or innovational issues and assist as much as possible in order to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • To involve and oblige staff to participate in the management, application and continuous improvement of the R&D&I Management System.
  • To motivate staff, guaranteeing adequate staff training in order to have qualified staff who can carry out R + D + I Management system activities.
  • To ensure that developed R&D&I projects and activities are adjusted to the needs and expectations of our clients and other collaborators and interested parties, complying with their set requirements, as well as the R&D&I Management System’s own legal, regulatory and internal requirements.

Palma de Mallorca, May 16, 2022

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