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Tourism destinations and organisations.

Guaranteed to give your tourism destination a boost by ensuring safety and sustainability management.

Travellers need to be certain that the destination they choose is safe. Therefore, both public and private institutions/organisations play an important role, as they can choose to implement standards, which will make their destination a priority on more traveller's agenda.

How we can help you.

At Preverisk we have the knowledge, means and experience to support you in developing your projects, both strategically and technically. We can help you to:

Define hygiene, health and safety protocols/standards for specific destinations/sectors.

Implement technological systems and resources which increase the dynamization and professionalism of various sectors.

Develop strategies and technical projects aimed at improving the results of tourism activities.

Create awards and seals of approval for destinations, Governments, Ministries and other agencies/institutions.

Carry out tailor-made training plans to boost the skills of professionals in destinations.

We are your strategic partner for your hygiene, health and safety projects.

Our knowledge and background makes us a strategic partner who will help you establish, develop and implement projects that have a positive impact on the tourism sector.

Preverisk technology.

At Preverisk we have developed our own technology for consulting, auditing and training services. Two of the most frequently used systems are App4Check and Preverisk Academy. Furthermore, we can develop tourism technological solutions to suit your needs.


App4Check is software developed by us and tailored to the requirements of companies in the tourism sector, such as hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and other organisations.

Preverisk Academy

We adapt the format and range of training to the needs of organisations/companies in order to dynamically reach all interested parties.

Questions frequently asked by our clients.

Yes, at Preverisk we have our own internationally recognized certification, accepted and valued by large companies in the sector. In addition, we can develop customized certificates for destinations and entities.

One of our focuses is project customisation. We aim to adapt 100% to your needs, so just tell us what you need and we'll tell you how we can help.

Yes. Our experience and our team of professionals allow us to develop macro projects that have a broad perspective, impacting various areas, ensuring destinations are safer and more sustainable.

Secure the future without giving up the present, by way of suitable sustainability policies for your tourism destination.

If you have any questions about how we can help you or need more information, please contact us.

Tell us how we can help you