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Pleased to meet you!


If you are reading this, then you are someone who cares and wants to provide quality tourism experiences and who is willing to invest in a more sustainable tourism.

You can achieve it and that’s why we’re here.

We want to help you improve your level of service, making it safer and reducing its environmental and social impact. Whilst no two organisations are alike, we want to establish a unique relationship, as we do with each of our clients, adapting to your needs and delivering the upmost value now and in the future.

2004: Preverisk was born, offering Hygiene and Health and Safety services in Mallorca.

2006: Our collaboration with First Choice (now part of TUI), began in the Dominican Republic.

2010: We went international, thanks to a project which included 35 worldwide destinations including Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Cape Verde and Egypt.

2014:We invested in the development of our own technology. App4check was born, a system for audit management which currently stores data from over 120,000 hotels and supports over 25,000 users.

2016: We expanded our client portfolio to include agencies, bedbanks, distributors, government institutions, organisations, etc. Today our clients carry around 60 million tourists.

2018: We expanded our services reach to further destinations: Aruba, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, United States, Dubai, Senegal, Tanzania, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Morocco...

2020: We responded to the pandemic with our Post COVID19 Tourism Sector Alliance (where we joined over 250 of the sector’s companies with whom we share the 17 Health and Safety protocols) to mitigate the pandemic’s impact.

2021: We signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

2022: We are members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), an organisation which sets global standards for sustainability in the Travel and Tourism sector (known as the GSTC criteria).

Preverisk has been recognized as a Company Culture advocate by Nailted

Preverisk People

We are a team with a calling to help. We believe that effort, dedication and transparency are the basis of a relationship of trust which enables great results. This way of being, together with our hard work and skill, has led to international recognition within the tourism sector.

In addition to our own team of consultants, we have a panel of experts, with experts from the various areas in which we offer services: Hygiene, Health and Safety and Sustainability. That which is not communicated does not exist. That’s why our team also includes specialists in Marketing and Communication.

Our work makes it possible for tourists to enjoy great travel experiences, to capture memories of each destination, to feel the same excitement every time they make a reservation and to feel at ease when they return home, knowing that everything went well. Being part of Preverisk People means working day to day to make good quality global tourism which is also more sustainable. In short, you too could be part of Preverisk People. Will you sign up?

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