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Hotels, restaurants and excursions.

We take care of hygiene, health, safety and sustainability so that you can concentrate on your clients.

Hygiene, health and safety are basic pillars in hotels and restaurants. Ensuring compliance with regulations is only the first step, because having a health and safety system will help you to: protect your clients and team, maintain your establishment's reputation, improve your competitiveness (by reducing the costs associated with incidents) and generate business opportunities with tour operators and other organisations.

How we can help you.

At Preverisk we offer services oriented to the needs of hotels, restaurants and excursions. We can help you to:

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Develop or update manuals for all procedures relating to hygiene, health and safety.

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Train your teams/staff in health and safety matters adapted to their roles.

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Meet the requirements and safety standards required by Tour Operators and other agencies.

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Prepare and implement comprehensive health and safety programmes for your establishment, including swimming pools, kitchens, Legionella prevention, fire safety, etc.

Services for hotels, restaurants and excursions.

Our experts guarantee the hygiene, health and safety of our clients operations. We do this by way of our consulting, auditing and specialised training services and documentation preparation.

Our hygiene, health and safety programmes include:

Preverisk technology.

In addition to offering consultancy services, at Preverisk we have developed our own technology to manage audits and information more effectively and flexibly. This way, according to your needs, you’ll have access to our very own systems such as App4Check y Preverisk Academy, .


App4Check is software developed by us and tailored to the requirements of companies in the tourism sector. It facilitates both on site and remote auditing, from any device, as well as the analysis of all gathered data.

Easier auditing.

Faster auditing, with no need for paper logs, so they can be completed and followed up from anywhere in the world.

More efficient resolution.

Each incident is assigned someone in charge of it and a to do by date set, to ensure that it’s resolved quickly and efficiently.

Clearer reports.

You’ll receive concise reports, immediately after each audit, which can be shared with the establishment’s team or management.

More direct communication.

Anyone who detects an issue can report it via the app, thereby reducing the possibility of an incident occurring.

Preverisk Academy

We adapt the format and range of training to the needs of your teams, whilst at the same time ensuring quality material which is up to date.

Preverisk Academy

Training courses can be carried out using our own e-learning platform, Preverisk Academy, for greater flexibility and better use of the courses.

Webinar or on site

Courses can be given on site or via webinars, allowing direct interaction with attendees. They can also be recorded for staff who cannot be present.

Find out what we have done right.

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Find out what we have done right.

Cape Verde Safe Tourism Programme


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Questions frequently asked by our clients.

Yes. At Preverisk we have our own internationally recognised certification, which is accepted and highly regarded by large companies within the sector such as Jet2Holidays, TUI and MTS Globe, amongst others.

Yes of course. As each establishment has different requirements, we’ll create an audit plan which will ensure your clients health and safety.

One of our focuses is service customisation. We aim to adapt to your needs 100%, so you can always count on receiving the services and systems you need.

Yes. At Preverisk we offer integrated services for the tourism sector, which allows us to adapt to your specific characteristics and needs. We have worked with large hotel chains, but our experience and capabilities can also be applied to hotels of all sizes.

In the case of Spain, yes. We will help you to optimise your funds (in FUNDAE) when designing projects.

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Achieving a balance between your business and the environment is the best way to secure the future.

If you have any questions about how we can help you or need more information, please contact us.

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