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We help companies and tourist destinations to develop their Sustainability Strategy.

Preserving the charm of the places we visit, for others to enjoy them, is an opportunity and obligation: Inspiring actions which promote circularity and sustainable tourism improves your positioning and competitiveness.

At Preverisk we combine strategic consulting with the development of your own identity and sustainable brand, ensuring maximum impact for your interested parties.

Finding the balance between your business and the environment is a challenge. Backing sustainability is a strategy that allows us to be competitive in the long term, as tourists, tour operators and government agencies are now demanding greater commitment from companies.

Brand identity and communication plan will cause your actions to have a knock-on effect on society and your clients will find out more about you and value your commitment.

At Preverisk we work day by day to achieve change and we want your organisation to join this great movement too.

We’ll help you take the plunge into sustainability

We offer services to companies and destinations which focus on responsible tourism, integrating strategic sustainability consulting with brand creation, to bring a valuable proposition to interested parties.

How can we help you?

We work towards sustainability from 3 angles:

Environmental sustainability:

The efficient use of resources and consumer goods, so as not to compromise the

environment or the safety of future generations.

Logo Environmental sustainability:

Employment Sustainability:

Investing in staff, promoting a good work-life balance and developing their skills, improves staff motivation and has a positive impact on the whole organisation.

Logo Employment Sustainability:

Social Sustainability:

Finding a balance between economic development and social equality allows progress, ensuring that growth reaches all players.

Logo Social Sustainability:

Do you need even more reasons to become part of a more sustainable tourism?

Show your commitment.

Show your commitment to the environment, your community, your clients, your suppliers and ultimately society. Show that you are concerned about the Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030 and that your work backs global improvements in both the medium and long term.

Position yourself as a benchmark for sustainability.

Clients increasingly demand more involvement from businesses. Demonstrating your sustainable agenda will attract more clients. They in turn will be more satisfied with their visit, if you’ve addressed their concerns.

However, for this to be a differentiating factor, you must portray the correct brand image and communicate your efforts in the correct way. Many tourists, although sensitive to these causes, are not familiar with certification. Promoting this to them in the correct manner will help you achieve greater returns for your efforts.

Get ahead of regulations.

In many destinations, sustainability is already regulated. Having your own strategy, as well as demonstrating your commitment, will allow you to grow, without being affected by changes to regulations. Also, remember that our programmes are 100% compatible with sustainability certification.

Ensure your long-term profitability.

Circularity is synonymous with profitability and economic sustainability. Improving your energy and water efficiency and optimising your daily operation, will not only help lower your costs, but also reduce your environmental impact.

Involve and motivate your teams.

An employee who is proud of their work and organisation is your best ambassador. Involving your team and emphasizing their role within your sustainability strategy, will increase their motivation and involvement within the company.

Improve your local environment.

Working with local businesses and communities not only enhances development, but also makes visitors experiences even more enjoyable. Feeling that your travels positively impact local people and businesses, is a unique distinguishing factor.

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Why us?

At Preverisk we work for quality, safe and sustainable tourism. We adapt to your specific needs by integrating and customising the services which are most valuable to you. Additionally:


We have been developing sustainability projects in tourism for 10 years and have become an international benchmark for this sector.


We are the company that has carried out the most Travelife audits, one of the most internationally recognised sustainability programmes for the hotel sector.


Our team specialises in developing brand projects and communication plans.


We are a company which is dedicated exclusively to the tourism sector and we have our own technology systems to help audit your sustainability, quality and safety.

Our heart is green too.

We have a very clear vision of what we want tourism to be like. That’s why we signed the Glasgow Declaration, commiting to sharing good sustainability practices and spreading our technical knowledge. Driving this forward is positive for everyone.

Our public

Hotels, catering and excursions

We manage the implementation of control programs with the hotel and catering industry.

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Travel Companies

We assist travel companies in the management and performance of audits.

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Destinations and organisations

We collaborate with tourist destinations to reactivate their assets.

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Success stories

These are some of the projects where we have applied our sustainability program.

Preverisk joined forces with Cape Verde’s Ministry of Tourism to regain confidence and reactivate the destination following the pandemic.

The partnership between Preverisk and Cape Verde’s Ministry of Tourism was formed to create safe…

Interview with Antonio Canto, Quality Assurance Senior Manager at Amstar: Behind the challenge and towards future projects.

‘An added value is the fact that we are able to design a tailor-made programme in which there is accompaniment…

Preverisk developed an e-learning platform for the Egyptian Tourism Federation during the pandemic to provide training.

During the pandemic technology faced a new challenge, to speed up all aspects of tourism’s digital…

Together we can create sustainable and respectful experiences.

We’ll help you develop a sustainability strategy which will allow you to improve your positioning, profitability and competitiveness, whilst promoting more responsible tourism.