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You would need to plant over 46,000 trees per hotel to compensate for your annual carbon footprint

Did you know that according to official surveys, more and more tourists now prefer to stay in those hotels which invest in sustainability? Despite this meaning an increase to their cost of travel, they see it as an investment for the future of our planet.

Likewise, more and more companies in the sector want to take the plunge into Sustainability, and begin by reducing carbon emissions, which is a major boost towards change:

  1. The carbon footprint is a standard indicator representing the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions generated by a business. It is expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent.

Tourism needs its footprint to be as low as possible. Whilst compensating 100% for the tourism footprint is no longer attainable, as we have begun too late, there are still some solutions. One option is to use renewable energy to minimise the use of fossil fuel and then offset the remaining, unavoidable emissions.

For example, a few days ago, a hotel chain asked us to calculate their footprint, as they wanted to begin tracking their emissions and were looking for ways to optimise their energy consumption.

“Dear client:

Your carbon footprint, per hotel, prior to the pandemic was 1,021,300 KG CO2eq. If your footprint were the same over the next 12 months, you would need to plant 46,423 trees for each hotel, to compensate for its impact and thus contribute to the planet’s sustainability.

Remember, there is no PLANET B, so for this reason we propose our PLAN A: although offsetting all emissions is impossible, minimising the footprint is possible”. 

One night staying in a hotel, shouldn’t cause any more pollution than one night in our own home. Therefore, we at Preverisk calculate and assess CO2 comsumption and emissions. Additionally, once we have calculated the indicator, we make specific recommendations in order to reduce and compensate for our client’s carbon footprint.

Preverisk Group is featured in the Nature Positive Travel & Tourism report prepared by Animondial

We are thrilled to announce that Preverisk Group has been featured as one of the case studies in the groundbreaking report, "Nature Positive Travel & Tourism in Action”.“Nature Positive Travel…

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