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Why do just enough when we can do so much more? Become a “Guardian of Nature”


We at Preverisk have partnered with Animondial to create a responsible tourism which is respectful towards biodiversity and nature. Therefore, we encourage you to form part of this positive new relationship between travel, tourism, biodiversity and nature. 

We are comitted to taking action, right now, to minimise any negative impact on the environment, to restoring nature and above all, protecting. We are thereby “Guardians of Nature”. Sign up to become one of us. 

Did you know that in nature, there are species which protect each other? For example, birds and buffalo. The buffalo is the protector, giving the bird shelter and bird in return removes parasites from the buffalo. Likewise, tourism must learn to coexist with and protect nature. Travelling and being able to enjoy our planet’s varied biodiversities, cultures and wonders, should be possible, but only with this new vision. 

Take the pledge, SIGN HERE:  Nature Positive Travel and Tourism ( 

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