Preverisk Breakfasts - Zero Plastic - Madrid and Barcelona


This week the business team is about to conclude its road show for Spain! Under the theme of Zero Plastic in 2021, executives and opinion leaders have been invited to participate in the Preverisk Breakfasts in Barcelona and Madrid.

To hold the event in the Catalan capital, the terrace El Edén of H10 Metropolitan was chosen, where Rafel Amorós, Business Manager of Spain and Eloísa Sparano, Marketing Executive of Preverisk Group met with high level executives of Best Hotels and Hotels Center. During the breakfast the participants shared their professional trajectories emphasizing how the tourism industry has evolved in terms of awareness and application of sustainability. The commitment and values of hotel companies and how they communicate this to their clients were also discussed. It was also deepened in aspects of European regulations of obligatory application from 2021.

In Madrid, specifically in H10 Puerta de Alcalá, executives from the areas of quality, sustainability and purchasing of outstanding companies such as Petit Palace, Vincci Hotels, Palladium Hotel Group, Room Mate or Illunion met. The talk revolved around staff awareness and the important role played by professional training in sustainability within the work area. Dealing with the pros and cons of the use of single use plastics, the comfort and low cost of this material was highlighted. However, although the costs of acquiring alternative materials are higher, the alternatives are to counteract the situation with savings in other aspects such as energy savings, waste reduction, not wasting food, etc.. All participants agreed that the time horizon of 2021 - which is the one cited in the European regulations to eliminate all single-use plastics - is a first step towards environmental awareness being experienced by society in general and consumers in particular

Another important issue has been the need to combine food hygiene with sustainability. Plastic materials are an easy and hygienic solution for many situations that are lived daily in hotels, however, it is more complex to find solutions that satisfy the hygienic-sanitary regulations, sustainable and at the same time are economic, or at least, do not suppose a prominent increase of the costs.

In conclusion it can be said that it is necessary to see all this change in a more holistic way and as a set of actions aimed at improving the global tourism sector acting even more responsibly, according to universal values and corporate social responsibility of each company.

Here are some photos of the events, we appreciate the time of attendees and their generosity in sharing how they are living this issue from within their corporations. Thank you very much!

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