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Fire Safety Conference in México - Summer 2019


The first International Conference of PREVERISK GROUP in Playa del Carmen and Cancún, important operational destinations for the company, was successfully held in June. From England, the star guest of this event was Terry Auld who participated as a keynote speaker spreading invaluable knowledge about fire prevention in the tourism industry.

Attendance at the conference was marked by the participation of distinguished clients and colleagues from the tourism sector - from hotels, resorts and chains, to dolphinariums, franchise operators and theme parks - all eager to update their knowledge of fire prevention from the evident experience of Mr. Auld, Mr. Bordoy, director and founder of PREVERISK GROUP or Mr. Theler, insurance specialist. Finally, a question and answer session was offered to allow attendees to clarify all their doubts, make comments and offer suggestions.

As part of the program, Mr. Auld paid a visit to the fire station in Playa del Carmen, where he met the Director of Firefighters. Both had the opportunity to exchange helmets in order to honour one out of many firefighter traditions.

As the venue for the second day of the conference in Cancun, the hotel Sandos Cancún has been chosen. In addition to being one of the most recognized hotel chains internationally, they persistently commit to a high level of health and safety programmes for both their customers and staff, the so called Sandistas. They decided to sponsor the venue and to have its staff specifically trainined in fire prevention issues.

After both conference days, attendees enjoyed an exclusive toast with cocktails inspired by the hot theme of the event and Mayan culture. This way, the staff of PREVERISK GROUP celebrated with all the attendees the 15 years of the company and the culmination of an enriching conference.

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