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Escape if you can from our new Happiness Challenge 2.0 training!


In Preverisk we train our clients between laughter, sudoku, puzzles, puzzles, paper boats and more tests. If you want your team to be more motivated than Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, we give you the solution: THE SECOND EDITION OF OUR MOTIVATION AND CHANGE FORMATIONS JUST LAUNCHED!

Our team from Spain is working hard in the second edition of the Happiness Challenge. On this occasion, the "challenge" has become an Escape Room that is not so easy to escape if you do not work hand in hand with your team. Having fun while learning is possible. Both the management of a company and each and every one of its employees need to work in the social motivation to reach the objectives, both professional and personal. It is not only about increasing productivity, but about strengthening ties and increasing individual confidence to achieve success in all aspects.

There are several objectives that we want to reach with this escape room, but basically they focus on team cohesion, improve interdepartmental relationships, work to maximize the motivation of the teams towards a goal in common, "customer satisfaction". In addition, we seek to increase awareness of changes in the environment, both at the sociological and technological levels, and observe and analyze how these changes affect the tourism business. To work on all these objectives in a game can be tedious, but our first clients have already tested our Escape Room and we can tell that they were more than satisfied. So much that we have planned more escape room formations and we can not be happier.

When it comes to innovation, we don't think it twice in Preverisk. An escape room has all the ingredients to be the perfect recipe for our Happiness Challenge. And, with our tests, teamwork will be reinforced, knowing where you want to reach individually, the distinction of concepts such as competence and competitiveness, leadership thinking, our new service line "Physical Security" and more...


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