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Want to be a superhero against food waste?

Join the fight against food waste. Today, September 29th is International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day (#FoodWasteAwarenessDay). One of our main objectives is to raise awareness and promote measures among our customers and environment to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. 

On this occasion, we want more superheroes to rescue food, tackle food waste and find solutions to give waste a new life. 

Join the movement, here are some super tips!

Make your diet healthy and sustainable - more local and greener produce!

Buy only what you need - don't get more eyeballs than belly fat!

Choose ugly fruits and vegetables - don't judge by appearance! And if the fruit is ripe you can make smoothies or sweeten desserts with them.

Make good use of leftovers - be creative in the kitchen! Freeze or give it a second life as an ingredient in other recipes.

Use wasted food. COMPOST! Life is circular, returns nutrients to the soil and thus reduces the carbon footprint.

Finally, and what will really make you a Superhero against food waste: Sharing is living. Donate food. Many of our customers work with local businesses so that surplus food from their establishments can be shared and not wasted.

Together, we can reduce the tons of food waste that has unfortunately become a habit. Hunger is still a cause of death. 

Have we convinced you? There's a layer waiting for you. 

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