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WANTED: Brave people who are eager to travel


Those who year after year carefully plan their holidays. Who can travel the world with just a backpack. Who are eager to get lost and find themselves on a deserted beach, remote mountain, or in an historical city.

This article is for you.

The post-Covid-19 tourism revolution is about to explode with a boom of brave travellers, eager to get their passports out of the drawer. This appeal is aimed at you.

After a year of restrictions, border closures and a rollercoaster of emotions, the time has come to be confident. Vaccines are leading to much more positive indicators and finally hope is in sight. Thanks to the vaccines, Britain for example, has reduced deaths by 98%. If we add vaccination to a sector that in 2020 proved to be more than prepared in terms of health measures and protocols and which had very low incidence, we predict that tourism’s revival is just around the corner.

The engines are already warming up, so our sector can return stronger than ever. But both history and life show us that someone always has to take the first step and that brave person could be you! When the Black Death vanished from Munich in the 16th century, people still had no confidence to leave their homes: the barrel-makers were the brave ones who decided to take their beer from door to door in order to restore confidence. They managed to entice everyone out for a party, an event which continues to be celebrated every seven years. Today you can also be at the forefront.

Don't forget that life is a journey, so let's continue to move forward.


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