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Tips for a 100% green Christmas


At this time of the year the mass consumption, the use of plastics, the energy expenditure and the unbridled generation of waste increases on a large scale. That is why, with Christmas just around the corner, we want to launch proposals for hotels to demonstrate their sustainability credentials during these days, but especially for the immediate future.

In Preverisk we seek to ensure that all experience, in this case Christmas time, has to be as ecological as possible for customers. Here are six tips to have the greenest Christmas:

  • Reduce food waste

Millions of tons of waste come from hotels, restaurants and bars. At Christmas, meal planning is more predictable, since reservations are almost always required for festive menus. But, there are many ways to be creative and aware, so we can always come up with ideas to reuse waste, such as to fertilize the plants and green spaces of your hotel or donate still edible food to a charity.

  • Reduce unnecessary plastics or skip them

The amount of plastic that is generated exceeds 200 million tons, including straws, glasses, gift wrap, cotillions ... In Preverisk, our business team met in Madrid and Barcelona with executives of large hotel companies a few months ago, through some breakfasts that we organized. We raise awareness among workers, consumers and society in general towards the suppression of single-use plastics. The challenge will be to find sustainable, economical and hygienically satisfactory solutions that turn European regulations –which obliges them to be eliminated in 2021– in an opportunity to achieve a more responsible, attractive and in accordance with universal ecological values ??tourism sector. Therefore, at Christmas, we believe it is the best time to start applying this change and why not starting with thinking about staff trainings in sustainable practices and thinking.

  • Make sure your Christmas decorations are green

Easy and original, decorate your hotel with recycled materials. For example: garlands with old clothes or make balls of wallpaper to hang on the tree.

  • Train your employees

At Preverisk Group we know perfectly well that in order to have satisfied guests, trained and informed employees are needed and for a habitable planet, people committed to sustainability. Get a first impression of areas of interest, visti tour sustainability training cataltog (Spanish).

  • Obtain food and resources from providers closest to you

To take this further, think about what is possible within the grounds of your hotel. Many hotels create rooftop or surrounding food gardens so they can grow organically, reducing emissions at the same time. Composting is also an excellent way to recycle various materials from natural sources and many products can be composted these days, including napkins!

  • Make immaterial gifts

"Intangible" gifts. We can give experiences such as cultural, sports or educational activities, and thus avoid giving away objects or products that eventually become waste.

As tourists increasingly seek alternatives with social awareness in all aspects of their lives, hotels should consider the steps they can take to create a more sustainable business model: it will not only help the world, but also has common sense, speaking from the business perspective. Let's work towards a 100% SUSTAINABLE CHRISTMAS!

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