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The importance of training people in managing emotions in times of uncertainty

How can we take the lead in managing our own environment and our emotions? How can we transform anxiety, stress and mental blocks into opportunities? Resilience and practice will empower us until we can firmly take control of our conscious brain. In this new training in emotion management, we set out to unlock any negative thoughts and offer the necessary tools to rebuild ourselves emotionally. 

In these times of uncertainty, many of us feel like we can’t move forward. It seems like our brain has gone into autopilot, feeling and making its own decisions. This part of the brain is known as the reptilian brain. It is the more emotional and instinctive part, appealing to emotions and reacting for its sheer survival. You’ll see that sometimes this part of the brain needs to be activated in order to escape the great mammoth that has rebelled against us and refuses to become our dinner... but I fear that time has passed and the caves are no longer ours; this new millennium has other plans for us. 

At Preverisk we think it is important to learn how to sensibly manage emotions, by way of emotional intelligence, to achieve goals and feel fullfilled. We aren’t saying that you must rid yourself of any emotion that isn’t considered as "good", because emotions are adaptive: you have to know how to release them, feel them and above all manage them. Most of the time we can’t even detect the root of the blockage and so we cast a veil over it, standardising it, although in the long run, it continues to cause us stress and discomfort. All of this can be worked and can be achieved, we assure you. 

Thinking about how we could further help the tourism sector in these difficult times of Covid, we came up with the idea of starting with people and teams. Here we identified the need for operational tools to manage emotions and build the four cardinal points of emotional intelligence, incorporating this important human factor: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Also, if the pillars of a company are wavering, then they need to be strengthened in order to continue to grow. 


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