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Reopenings: The security of having experts


From the first alarming news, through measures that have completely changed the start of the traditional holiday season, to the preparation of the sector to offer and reinforce the concept of hygienic and safe tourist experiences. Only a few months have passed. Now, destinations and hotels are starting to announce first re-openings.

The certainty of past seasons in terms of the start of summer with high occupancy rates has had to give way to factors of uncertainty, directly affecting the planning of available resources, expectations of profitability and possible cases of claims. In this volatile environment, taking action and measures in periods of three months makes more sense than ever.

As a solution to this circumstance, Preverisk has created a flexible programme that adjusts to the immediate needs of hotel establishments to accompany them during the initial three months from opening: COVID19 PREPAREDNES - intensive programme.

The service proposal is limited by mutual agreement to a short duration and is provided according to the circumstances in a face-to-face, remote or mixed way. The aim is to cover the areas related to Covid19, auditing the health and safety modules and offering crisis management support.

During the intensive program, they are reinforced in detail through follow-up and training actions in the areas that require special attention, in addition to benefiting from advice on the important subject that requires experience, the management of complaints. 

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