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Preverisk strengthens its collaboration with the Egyptian Government and tourism sector in 2020


Preverisk consolidates its collaboration with the Egyptian Government and tourism sector to improve safety and for the prevention of Covid-19, as well as other challenges that its hotels and Nile Cruises face.

Preverisk is proud to share its successful track record in Egypt where during this year 2020, Preverisk has played a crucial role in the Egyptian tourism sector’s effort to stem the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our know-how has been fundamental in training, consultation, and certification. Since March 2020, when the Egyptian Hotel Association together with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities asked the hotels to realize a deep cleaning and disinfection plan, supervised by the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt. During this time, Preverisk was commissioned to provide the required hygiene training to the hotels to ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection is applied.

Next to this and during May 2020 the Egyptian Hotels Association has contracted Preverisk to act as a third-party auditor to assess compliance to the hygiene standard required to control potential infections related to the COVID-19. During this point more than 240 Hotels and Nile cruises all over Egypt have decided to seek support from Preverisk in this area.

Worthwhile to indicate that this is not the first time for Preverisk to provide its services and support to the Egyptian Hotels Association and the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt. This successful collaboration has started for the 1st time during 2018 where Preverisk were commissioned by the Minister of Tourism during this time to realize hygiene assessment for more than 100 hotels in Hurghada. Shortly, next to this and during the year 2019, Preverisk was officially requested to realize hygiene assessment for more than 100 Nile Cruises sailing between Luxor and Aswan.

The most recent collaboration was during August - September of 2020 where the Egyptian Tourism Federation has approached Preverisk to seek its scientific validation for the training materials for COVID-19 awareness and required control measures where these materials were intended to be used for training the hotels in Egypt.

In general, Preverisk is happy with this collaboration and with the important role it is playing in providing its know-how to Egypt in area of Health & Safety for the Hospitality sector.

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