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Preverisk Talks: Digital Auditing II


We are glad to share with you the second part of our feature "Preverisk Talk - Digital Audits. App4check" with our travel companies expert Mr Jonathan Ralph. Preverisk Talks offer practical answers to topics of interest to hotels and companies in the tourism sector in general:

One of the differential values of Preverisk Group is the strong knowledge that your team possesses and that is why we want to share it with all our business partners and followers in general.

In this case we talk about digital audits and present our multiplatform tool app4check, Mr Ralph explains in this video various advantages of working with this app by pointing out the both use of app4check at corporate level and the support of an external company that validates the work done. Preverisk Group is composed by 100 consultants around the world to facilitate this service to the hotel and ensure the health and safety of its clients.

We encourage you to get more information about our core value proposals: hygiene, health, safety, sustainability, claims management, customer service, training, software development, allergens and nutrition.

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