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Preverisk Breakfast: Zero Plastic - Benidorm


On September 19, Rafel Amorós, Business Manager for the Spanish market and Violeta García from the Business Development Department were in Benidorm and welcomed hotel managers to the debating platform known as Preverisk Breakfasts. Opinions and experiences about the new regulations in the area of single-use plastics were shared.

The event was held at the hotel Melià Villaitana and was attended by the directors of Sandos Manconfort, Hotel Rosamar, Grup Fuster, Belroy, RH, Meliá and Hotel Magic Fenicia.

The theme of the debate evolved around the new European legislation that prohibits the use of single-use plastics in the tourism sector. In this sense, the attendants expressed their mixed feelings and moments of uncertainty on how this new legislation will be actually applied. Many pointed out that local administrations will play a fundamental role in supporting the hotel industry to implement measures to comply with lawful requirements. An additional concern was finding a viable alternative to plastic - both in quality and hygienic-sanitary efficiency -as well as the costs of reusable materials. 

The advances that each company is carrying out on sustainability issues were put on the table, sharing ideas of alternatives needed for take away products, saving systems for shower water or efficient management to reduce the waste of food, among others.

Finally, other aspects of sustainability were raised, which not only encompass an improvement towards the environment, but also refer to the development of the social and cultural scope of tourist destinations. The director of Melià Villaitana explained how they contribute by buying and selling local chocolates. In the case of Sandos, they highlighted the work of initiatives that raise awareness about humanitarian causes, among other contributions of the different assistants.

In the name of Preverisk Group, we want to thank everyone who made this breakfast possible, for the time spent and the generosity shown by sharing opinions and actions regarding import issues. This debating platform brought about the learning that cooperation within the sector is an opportunity to adapt more easily to upcoming changes whether they are of legal or conceptual nature.

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