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Preverisk's Managers Convention opens its doors to external guests


Training Day for Preverisk People and Guests

One of our pioneering activities to excel in delivering our value propositions is to continuously train our team.  At the beginning of each year all our Business Managers and key consultants from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Turkey, Cape Verde, Morocco, Mauritius and, of course, Spain meet in Palma to celebrate a Managers Convention. This year marked a before and after. As an exclusively internal event focused on sharing market and business knowledge and training, last Tuesday January 14th, a selected group of guests were invited to learn new insights from high-level speakers.

About the Convention’s Training Day

Due to the growth that the company is experiencing and the celebration of our 15th anniversary Preverisk opened its doors to a select audience to offer a unique and unparalleled conference on the Projection of the European H&S Regulations in the tourism sector. The session was conducted by our master of ceremonies and General Manager for Travel Companies, Jonathan Ralph.

The speakers

ABTA: Angie Hills, Senior Destinations Manager - Health, Safety, Crisis & Operations

Angie Hills, with over 25 years in the industry, is one of ABTA's key contacts for government representatives on tourism destination issues and projects. Her vision helped understanding the British market and its holidaymakers better. In addition, she highlighted key figures and explained how to support tourist destinations in tending topics such as sustainability, H&S, crisis management and operations.

Kennedy’s: Claire Mulligan, Head of Travel Team

On the legal side, the audience had the opportunity to learn about legal perspectives that concern touristic companies. As the head of Kennedy's travel team, Claire has been included as a "Super Lawyer" in the Telegraph's classification of the Travel and Transportation sector. Claire spoke about the European legal framework - The package Travel Directive 2018, obligations for tour operators - and explained with detail the importance of constantly improving and innovating Health & Safety procedures and standards within the travel industry.  

Preverisk Group: Terry Auld, Consultant, Expert Panel Member

Terry closed the conference by sharing his vision after more than 30 years of experience as a senior health and safety consultant and advisor specializing in travel and tourism. On this occasion, Terry addressed the topic of "Safety Management System (SMS)" talking about the importance of protecting customers and businesses in the tourism sector through the identification and control of risks, documentation and the importance of reporting for better control of risk factors.

We thank all the participants for all the interesting information, knowledge capsules and passion for the sector

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