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Phase two of the Cape Verde Safe Tourism project has begun


For this phase, our work, together with the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, has focused on training health consultants. It's all about safe destinations.

Today we bring you yet another destination! Imagine being able to travel and know that the government of the country you are visiting has invested in a training plan and protocols to ensure that each step you take; from exiting the plane, taking a taxi, arriving at the hotel, going on an excursion, etc., has been carefully controlled and certified in health and hygiene. With our collaboration that's exactly what Cape Verde has done: A project in a destination which for the last ten years has placed their trust in Preverisk.

A month ago we announced that we were launching the Safe Tourism project, to restore confidence in the market and to promote the sector's rapid recovery. But last week we took it one step further and moved into phase two: The training of a body of government consultants. A great opportunity which the Ministry of Tourism and Transport bestowed upon us; trusting our team to train theirs. This group of experts will be working in fourteen tourism sub-sectors in order to reach all companies related to this sector. In other words, we are not only involved in protecting hotels and restaurants, as we have done up to now, but we have now launched an initiative to protect the entire tourist circuit, with the backing of the Government of Cape Verde.

For this macro project, we propose three objectives: To complete the process of creating safe conditions in all of the Cape Verde islands, to offer a Health & Safety Certificate to businesses and tourism services and finally to offer tourists the opportunity to travel again to a safe destination such as Cape Verde.

In phase two, technicians from the ITCV (Institute of Tourism of Cape Verde) and the Directorate General of Tourism have been trained and certified. After they had completed the training course, Preverisk was responsible for assessing the knowledge of this group of health consultants and then their certification.

The final stage of ourprogramme was to make our App4Check technology available to them. This technology is perfect for carrying out audits, either in-person or remotely. It can also be used as a tool for managing information and results, as well as for programming and monitoring inspectors.

This huge joint project with the Government of Cape Verde, means that Cape Verde has been added to the list of safe destinations which offer travellers complete peace of mind. We at Preverisk want to support this great idea of managing this sector's safety in a holistic and non-focused way.

During this time of pandemic, we believe that work throughout all subsectors should be both coordinated and in collaboration. If it can be hand in hand with governments too, then even better, as it will ensure optimal afety: A step further wich means the backing of not only safe hotels, but also safe destinations.

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