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NEW Physical Security service, tranquility is priceless


Preverisk Group is present in global destinations to help provide physical security solutions to the tourism sector in general and to tourists in particular.

In order to continue offering solutions that add value to our clients, we have developed a new service line that complements our business lines in auditing, consulting, training with general physical security solutions for tourist destinations around the world.

"Physical security is much more than the prevention of violent acts. Data and statistics on Physical Security indicate that incidents that are not very intense but very harmful in tourist destinations are more likely to occur."

We advise

  • Hotel security reports
  • Theft prevention and investigation of hotel and guest property
  • Tasks to ensure the safety of customers and hotel employees
  • Surveillance in key places or in reserved access areas

We audit

  • Motorization of the closed television system
  • Collection of evidence of employee criminal behavior (theft in the collection of the bar, pool or restaurant box; theft of food by the kitchen staff; fake casualties etc.)

What security areas are covered?

We ensure that areas such as access controls are 100% controlled, we work with secure communication procedures and confidential information protection. We try to optimize video surveillance to the maximum so that it becomes a beneficial tool, we advise is in handling of mail and luggage, we give guidelines in the selection and registration of the personnel of suppliers, in addition to advising in cleaning procedures. We identify and respond to threats by classifying them and training on each of them. In addition, we work with VIP security protocols.

We invite you to request information and to be up to date with this new exclusive service that the entire tourism sector talks about.

Get informed!

We advise you.

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