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More than 85 chains and hotels have participated in the Open Day of our E-learning platform


The "back to school" period is over and it has been a great success. The Open Day of our E-Learning platform specialised in Tourism, Health and Sustainability has come to an end with a total of 104 registered users. 

From the Caribbean to Spain, more than 85 chains and hotels have wanted to be part of this virtual training experience where, together with the support of an assigned tutor, they have been able to access our courses. The academic records show us that our students have shown special interest in advancing in work motivation and have been curious about our "Employee Health & Wellness Course" (add it to your list for 2022). In addition to the classics: Food Allergies, Risk Management, Food Hygiene, Water Hygiene and, the most acclaimed, Prevention of Disease Spread. This data motivates us to continue specialising in training and to offer you solutions such as this one: E-learning training. Although we have never wanted to dissociate ourselves from the "traditional", face-to-face model, that is why our Preverisk Academy adapts to the training that best suits your team. 

The aim of the conference was not to present our new service to you, but to learn about your experience with it. Every day we seek to move forward with you and it is very necessary that we open the doors of our services to get to know you better. Thank you for coming in.  

And remember! Even if the Day closes its doors, we will always leave a key under the mat for you to enter whenever you want. 

Couldn't participate? Write to us at and you can enjoy the demos we have prepared for some of our courses. Which area are you interested in? Food Safety, Sustainability, Hygiene and Health, Security... Let's talk? 

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