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In the Preverisk Academy the race for a Covid-19 vaccine was explained step by step


The success of the Pfizer vaccine trials has made headlines around the world. The 90% effectiveness of this RNA vaccine could signify a return to normal very soon and may also signal the start of a new generation of vaccines. What is an RNA vaccine? How is the effectiveness of a vaccine measured?

The Preverisk Academy, our new internal project in which the team shares their knowledge, answers these questions. The contents of the Academy will be accessible very soon so that you too can train in sustainability, health and hygiene matters as well as other subjects. ¡We will let you know!

There are more than 200 vaccines in this race against Covid-19. They aim to prepare the body to attack the virus using different strategies. Amongst the most advanced are:

Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines, which use weakened versions of the virus.

Oxford researchers are using viruses similar to Covid-19, but which are harmless (Adenovirus), aiming to stimulate our defences.

Novavax and Sanofi vaccines directly expose our body to specific parts of the virus (proteins) so that the immune system learns to attack them. This is the most explored strategy (with over 70 scientific teams working on it), although they haven't made the greatest progress so far.

Pfizer (and Moderna) are exploring a new strategy, never used before in the world of vaccines: taking fragments of the virus's genetic code (RNA) and training the human body to attack them.

Each of these strategies, already investigated in this frenetic race, must be tested at various stages in humans. Virologists have accelerated the normal three phased clinical trials, combining safety with a rapid response to the enormous challenge we face. This is explained by the economist Mireia Delgado, Preverisk's Business Director. In the previosuly video, she explains in detail this exciting worldwide research.

In just four months it seems that Pfizer have shown us a light at the end of the tunnel, but we shouldn't jump the gun: there are still many months to go before we will see the widespread effects of these promising vaccines and an ease to this threat that is causing so much damage to the tourism sector. In the meantime, one thing that this pandemic has taught us, is that hygiene measures and good habits are the best way to protect ourselves, and without doubt will continue to be so on the long road to reaching our goal.

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