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Hotels in Egypt entrust their COVID19 certification to Preverisk


The Egyptian Hotel Association’s vision and strategy to lead the hospitality in Egypt towards a more safe and secure environment for the tourists has had a tangible and positive impact on the tourist’s confidence. To bring about these results, Preverisk has been actively providing support in all relevant Health & Safety areas since 2018.

As touristic markets are reopening due to the COVID19 pandemic, two international companies and global service provider to the tourism industry Preverisk have been chosen by the EHA to conduct inspection programs.

Having both employees, guests and external providers in mind, Preverisk’s approach to inspection programs that lead to the official certification is highly practical, results driven and based on risk assessment practices. As of May, over 150 hotels trust Preverisk to conduct the compulsory COVID-19 opening audit.

By choosing a global company, the certification process is enhanced by being granted access to the private area of Post COVID-19 Tourism Sector Alliance. In this custom online site designed for desktop computers and smartphones, all members find privileged information about protocols of specific areas aimed at protecting hotel businesses from COVID-19. In addition, international webinars with COVID-19 focus are being planned and shortly announced.

To register your hotel for the official COVID-19 audit with the additional benefits of being part of a tourism sector alliance, send an email to Dr. Ahmed Karam with your hotel’s contact details. 

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