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Having a circularity plan will be expected in the tourism sector

There are various reasons as to why the sector will require a Circularity Plan: The road to integral sustainability, the objectives set for Agenda 2030, a circular economy is a springboard for the tourism of the future, a sustainable tourism of a circular nature. 

Tourism per se, plays a powerful role. Its main interest groups are giants who move the world. Therefore, its circularity will be positively reflected on production chains, by way of the demands it makes on its many suppliers, its clients’ consumption habits and by way of its motivation in the provision of various services. 

Furthermore, from a legal point of view, the first “urgent measures” by governments are beginning to emerge. For example, in Spain, the Balearic Islands are pioneers. The Balearic Government has already established deadlines and even sanctions, for the implementation of a series of sustainable measures, including drawing up a 5-year Circularity Plan. In other words, these plans will have to be renewed. 

Have you not integrated your Circularity Plan into your sustainable strategy as yet? 

Let's go one step at a time, so that the change does not catch you off guard: 

What is a Circularity Plan? 

A solution that allows hotel companies to diagnose their circular progress in different areas which impact the environment such as: water consumption, energy, food waste, the use of materials and waste generation. 

Its objective is:  

  • To extend the life of your establishment’s materials, giving them a second chance. 
  • To minimise the pressure on resources. 
  • To reduce waste generation. 

Who is it aimed at? 

  • At those who have just made the move towards Sustainability. 
  • At those who have taken a step towards Sustainability but they want to add value to their actions. 

We at Preverisk guarantee the transformation towards the circular economy of the tourism sector by elaborating CIRCULARITY PLANS in 4 simple phases: 

1. Analysis: 

We analyse your current situation, set objectives and create a project for you. 

2. Implementation: 

We set in motion your roadmap, from training to plan development. 

3. Monitoring: 

We monitor, to ensure your indicators are carried out correctly and to detect any areas for improvement. 

4. Drive your sustainability identity 

We’ll propose a series of promotional activities which will help you convey your project in a clear and simple manner.  

To sum it up: Having a Circularity Plan will be a matter of course in the tourism sector. Don’t be left behind, foster the 7Rs (Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Repair, Recycle and Retrieve). 

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