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Destination Health and Safety for Post Pandemic Recovery


Last week ABTA introduced to its members and key tourism industry players its new guidance ‘Post Pandemic Recovery – A Guide to Assist Destinations and the Travel Industry’.

The guide has been elaborated with the active collaboration of ABTA Expert Panel Member Preverisk among other known specialists to comply with the immediate needs of travel providers, suppliers and destination governments in terms of helping to identify the areas that should be considered when making modification to operations as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Key topics covered in the guidance include the customer journey, management responsibility, risk assessment, refinement of operational and service provisions and procedures, health, safety and security, communication, supply chain management and prevention of spread of infection.

In order to get a first, direct glance of its content, on Wednesday June 1st from 14h30 to 16h00 (GMT), Preverisk’s Technical Director, Dr. Esteban Delgado will participate in ABTA’s Webinar and will intervene to provide answers to new outbreaks and associated problems:

  • How to ensure rapid action if there is an increase in confirmed case levels.
  • Take action and make further modifications to operations following a new outbreak.
  • Review the effectiveness of measures taken and its implementation.

 In addition, relevant ABTA speakers, health and safety experts, and tourism industry representatives will give their informed points of view and practical guidance on how destinations and the travel industry can develop appropriate health and safety measures to help facilitate a safe reopening of travel around the world and minimise the potential impact of recurrences of the pandemic.

Assistants of the webinar will learn what you can be done as of now and how to plan for recovery ahead of commencing operations. Furthermore, they will be brought closer to developing a clear plan for a successful resumption of business operations while helping to restore confidence for staff and customers alike.


By following this link, you may subscribe for free if you are a member of ABTA. 

Don't hesitate to get more information about the recently launched ABTA Post Pandemic Recovery Guide here.

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