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Covid-19: Crisis Management Support


Developing continuously the ability to recognize and act on signals that anticipate a situation that is detrimental to a business. Rather than being an additional day-to-day challenge, we are talking about Crisis Management, one of those business disciplines that are gaining in the context of the pandemic importance. Increasingly, tourism companies are receiving specific training in this area.

Although it is true that currently most tourism companies seek to be prepared for an eventual crisis related to the health of their customers and workers, the dynamics of the pandemic are hardly predictable - either because of the evolution of infections and incidents, or because it is a subject that requires very specific knowledge. When adding the fact that time is the scarcest resource in a possible health crisis, the complexity increases, and multiple doors open to unwise decisions.

Seen in this light, acting quickly, recognising the origin, seeking ways of containment and providing solutions that minimise the damage are key and invite companies to reflect on the following questions and investigate whether they are prepared at an operational level:

  • How should one act in suspected or confirmed cases?
  • Are current preventive measures effective?
  • Do changes need to be made to existing protocols or operating procedures?
  • When is it necessary to stop sales, or to close the business partially or completely?

For those tourism companies that want to be even more prepared for possible crises or that want to have a team of specialists at their disposal, Preverisk provides quick responses in times of emergency through effective solutions to control outbreaks and diseases.

To access more information, do not hesitate to send an email to to get the support your company may need - at any time!

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