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Assesing risks, taking action and building trust.
About POST COVID19 Tourism Sector Alliance.


Although the global pandemic has had a negative impact on the tourism industry and its value chain, its actors have been able to respond diligently and even more responsibly to protect their customers and guests as well as their employees, teams and staff.

During this period, the hotel industry has not wasted a single minute in evoking innovation and proactively thinking of solutions that maintain and reinforce the market's confidence in unique tourism experiences.

A good example of these efforts is the collaboration between the international chain Riu Hotels & Resorts and Preverisk that was announced today. Mrs. Carmen Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels & Resorts, assures that "the recovery of the sector will necessarily involve changes in our cleaning and operation protocols to offer the maximum guarantees of safety and hygiene to our partners and guests. (see press release)

In this sense, both defined a high-performance working group with international experts, leaders in the field, in which for several weeks they are jointly developing specific health and safety plans including pilots and simulations in their hotels. After this risk assessment phase, they have moved on to establish specific health and safety plans to reopen establishments, ensure the application of all protocols and preventive measures and reinforce them with an expanded and holistic approach that goes beyond any traditional collaboration.

Thanks to this drive, the Post Covid-19 Tourism Sector Alliance initiative has been created, which is already creating a network of added-value contacts by integrating experts, other hotel companies, travel agencies, public institutions and other key players who will be able to provide their opinions and feedback to the collaboration. To learn more about this alliance, please follow this link.

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