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ABTA'S new Travel course about Fire Safety by Terry Auld


This new one-day course will provide a foundation level knowledge of fire safety management in tourism accommodation and it will be perfectly run by our expert and trainer, Terry Auld. 

From Preverisk, we feel like introducing you a bit more to Terry Auld. It is not easy to summarize his large experience in our sector and more specifically, in fire safety but after many years trusting him, he proofed to be one of the best in this area and we highly recommend attending!

Terry Auld is an independent consultant to the travel industry on matters involving Health & Safety and is currently retained by us as a consultant and an advisor to the board. He started his career employed in the UK Fire Service responsible for training fire safety enforcement officers in Suffolk. In 1995, he was seconded to work for the Home Office as part of a team revising the UK Fire Service Training Manuals and in 1998, he set up his own fire consultancy.

Terry worked with the Federation of Tour Operators to draft their Health & Safety Preferred Code of Practice. In 2006, Terry joined Argent H&S as Development Director and continued to work alongside ABTA, FTO, IAGTO BETA and the School Travel Forum. Terry is a member of the Institute for Fire Engineers and attended the EU Committee for experts in Fire Safety. He works as a consultant advising tour operators on H&S and safety issues whilst also doing some training, mentoring and monitoring of auditors. 


  1. Improve your knowledge around escape routes, special risk areas, lighting, fire alarm systems, equipment and signage 
  2. Identify different building types and the applicable fire safety considerations and criteria that apply to each
  3. Learn which interim fire safety measures can be introduced to reduce risk 
  4. Become better equipped to communicate fire safety with accommodation providers and senior managers including training staff
  5. Understand your management responsibilities including risk assessments, testing and documentation
  6. Have your questions answered by an expert in fire risk prevention

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?This training course is ideal for those responsible for health and safety management including: 

  • Health and safety team
  • Operations managers 
  • Crisis and incident managers
  • Risk management personnel
  • Purchasing/contracting staff

This course is also useful as a refresher for existing auditors


18 March 2020/ 9:30-16:30/ ABTA -30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ

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