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2021: the year of confidence


Life, as we knew, has taken a 180-degree turn due to the pandemic. Historical records have been broken and we have seen images of empty airports, entire countries closed and citizens isolated, as if we were in a dystopia. Millions of setbacks have made us reinvent ourselves to keep going, but the reality is that the tourism sector has experienced its most difficult year. Also, it has demonstrated its importance and its great preparation in the face of any adversity. 

In Preverisk we have worked hard to protect the sector as we know: hand in hand with our team of experts. And we can say that we have seen a sector more dedicated than ever, that has done everything in its power to adapt to a problem of which we are gradually seeing a solution. That is why this year we wanted to share something very special, from the depths of our memories, from when travelling was a way of life.

Christmas is the perfect time for getting excited again, closing a stage and starting a promising future.

Rebuilding the sector with everyone's help is essential. That is why our present for this holiday season has been to make the world aware of the importance of reactivating something as basic as travelling. 2021 will be the year of the brave people who are eager to dust off their passports, of all of us who are eager to pack our luggage again and put up little flags in new destinations yet to be visited. We know for a fact that this is just around the corner and that the engines are already warming up for tourism to start beating again. And to all our knowledge we have added what we have learned against the Covid-19: we are creating an industry that is safer than ever and more committed to the environment. 

This year the best present for all of us is to give back that confidence in a safe future that is closer every day. And you can be part of this beautiful action. Share our little present and help us inject confidence into the industry!

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