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15 years auditing, consulting and training .... Part IV

Today we are going to tell you a little more about our history and especially highlight the value propositions that differentiate us from other companies. Read on if you want to know why Preverisk Group is unique, what are the reasons why our customers choose us and why we continue to grow after 15 years of trajectory.


Preverisk Group was founded in 2004, initially to provide health and safety services to the hotel industry. Over these 15 years I have grown, opening businesses in new countries and adding expertise and solutions in areas such as customer satisfaction, sustainability, nutrition and claims management. Today, Preverisk Group is internationally recognized as a leader in many of these fields, highlighting as one of the company's core values the integration of services it offers. This is an advantage for the customer, who in a single provider can find multiple solutions related to the areas mentioned above.


Preverisk Group's personnel policy is to include human resources in the payroll, instead of hiring independent professionals. This has allowed us, in the last 15 years, to achieve a solid team with exceptional experience and a vast knowledge of the travel and tourism sector.

The 120 employees that today make up our staff are well trained, have university degrees and doctorates in a variety of qualifications related to bio-sanitary sciences, environmental health, tourism, hospitality, etc. In addition, it should be noted that the members of the management team have more than 25 years of experience.


In order to offer experiences adapted to the current needs of the client, we have developed app4Check, a revolutionary audit and analysis technology created specifically for the business, which offers a comprehensive set of hygiene, health and safety solutions.


Working internationally allows us to hire highly qualified local staff in the destinations themselves. This provides an added value for the consulting service, since it allows overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, which in turn facilitates the implementation of corrective actions. It is also an advantage, taking into account that we have a good knowledge of local legal requirements and standards.

The human factor is very important to us, dedicating ourselves exclusively to listening to and attending to the specific needs of the businesses for which we work. Flexibility is a characteristic that helps us meet our common goal: to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our clients. 

We offer services in a wide variety of languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French and German.


We currently carry out face-to-face work in 25 countries and maintain a portfolio of more than 600 clients. We carry out remote evaluations (online) in more than 190 countries.

Our head office is located in the Parque Empresarial Tecnológico (ParcBit) in Mallorca, Spain. A wide range of international experience is just one of our main assets. We have staff permanently located in the main holiday destination areas of Spain, Cape Verde, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Mauritius, Aruba and Mexico. Our operational and commercial infrastructure allows us to cover any other destination at competitive prices.

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