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"Clean is Quality", an excellent complement to establishments’ Health & Safety programmes

Have you already heard about “Clean is Quality”? This service consists of validating (by way of monthly auditing), the quality compliance of standards throughout various hotel operational areas. Such as the correct use and storage of chemicals, the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures (by applying ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate sampling) and identifying staff training needs. Mainly concentrating on HTPs (High Touch Points), collating data/results on our app4Check platform, which can then be analised to identify where our clients should make improvements. 

It’s an ongoing monitoring programme which can be applied to many operational and service areas such as rooms, restaurants, bars, kids clubs, receptions, spas and public areas. 

Additionally, with “Clean is Quality” you can: 

  • Become aware of actions which could negatively impact the environment and take action by using appropriate cleaning and disinfection products. 
  • Train staff to understand that safety is an integral part of the entire production chain. 
  • Encourage staff to work as a team and the various areas of operation to work together, with a view to mainstreaming.  

This way “Clean is Quality” will complement establishments’ Health & Safety programmes. 

This is how we at Preverisk Group continue to lead the way, by offering tailor-made solutions to meet the tourism industry’s latest demands. 

Have you heard about the ATP sampling procedure? 

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