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Commitment to sustainable development.

Our value proposition

We promote an important aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility of hotel companies: Sustainability. Being a topic of maximum general interest for tour operators and guests as well as for tourist or business destinations, the complexity involved is not always easy to manage. Therefore, at Preverisk Group we help hotel companies to focus their sustainable efforts and thus access the largest certification programs. These are especially important for hotel establishments as they allow them to evaluate, verify and communicate sustainability achievements objectively and truthfully.

We are FTO-accredited auditors for the Travelife programme and offer consultancy services to this effect.

Methodologies we apply

The first step is to define objectives for the development of sustainable value propositions and to assess to which extend the commitment will be positively acknowledged by the market.

The most appropriate sustainability management procedures are then established to subsequently train and sensitize all the staff of the establishment, both the base staff and its executives.

On passing all these stages, the establishment is ready and prepared to qualify for the major certification programme available in the market, Travelife. The Travelife certification grants worldwide recognition and multiple advantages and benefits for its holders.

We provide training and advice in this area with the aim that our customers contribute to meeting the objectives and established commitments .

Reasons to work with us

We have a technical team with extensive experience in areas related to environmental management and sustainability from a social, cultural and labor point of view. They are qualified to audit according to Travelife criteria and provide training to base and executive personnel. The advisory service will help to pass the demanding Travelife audits and therefore obtain certification.

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