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The competitive value of nutrition.

Our value proposition

Nutrition is coming closer and closer to being part of an overall lifestyle and wellness and less a mere functional aspect. To respond to this circumstance, we have developed and enhanced highly specialized knowledge in nutrition with an emphasis on allergens - an immune system reaction, associated with certain foods - and healthy food - the correct supply of nutrients to our body.

nutriCook offers specialised consultancy services in the fields of allergen and supply chain control for professional kitchens and hotels.

Methodologies we apply

Nutrition is a competitive value that helps differentiate your business from competitors and is a promotional element to attract new and existing customers. In order to do this, it is essential to refer to two pillars of maximum importance to focus on the subject, allergies and healthy food and then establish a work plan.

Work plan in the field of allergies

Training to prevent culinary contamination
Reviewing charts and menus
Design of new dishes and menus

Work plan in the field of healthy food

Training in healthy food choices
Training in culinary aspects
Training in food ingredients

A review of culinary techniques will be carried out to detect aspects of improvement.

Reasons to work with us

A healthy diet provides nutrients the human body needs to keep it healthy. However, every body is different. That is why our experts and external collaborators apply an approach to the world of nutrition that stands out for being holistic, practical and oriented to live up to customer expectations and new food trends.

Custom solutions.
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