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Your global solution in safety, hygiene and health.

Our value proposition

myPreverisk Health and Safety programmes aim to assess and reduce risks for holidaymakers and staff staying in hotels or other holiday environments.

Preverisk Group is an international company focused on the global tourism industry. We have been providing consulting, auditing and training services for 15 years both to suppliers at international destinations and to travel companies at origin.

As collaborators of ABTA's Technical Guide to Health and Safety, Preverisk Group actively contributes to the definition of standards of safety, hygiene and health in the tourism industry for the benefit of users of tourist and leisure products.


- Safety and general safety
- Fire safety
- Food safety and hygiene
- Pool safety
- Fuels and energy
- Water management
- Prevention of the spread of infections
- Legionellosis
- Transport

Methodologies we apply

When it comes to offering health and safety solutions, Preverisk Group relies fundamentally on two pillars:

In its own trained human capital and its cutting-edge technology.

Multidisciplinary consultants are continuously trained to broaden their knowledge and skills and a proprietary application that evolves year after year, app4Check. Thus, clients may enjoy at all times the provision of a service that will best suit a specific situation - whether it is presential, presential and remote or exclusively remote.

Whether used by a consultant or by a customer's staff, app4Check is a powerful, flexible and adaptable tool for mobile, tablet and computer. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and analytics modules that helps not only to provide new knowledge but also to evaluate the daily management carried out.

Reasons to work with us

Dedicated consultants and cutting-edge technology led by a single operational manager from a single company accompany all projects. This methodology favors meeting deadlines and deliverables as well as identifying additional initiatives from a single company.

Custom solutions.
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