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Brand perception as an opportunity to improve.

Our value proposition

Get to know in detail various perceptions of your customers at each customer touch points with your brand. Before, during and after experiencing your value proposition.

eQutel offers quality improvements via leveraged customer feedback and staff training that demonstrably improves customer satisfaction rates.

Methodologies we apply

Every tourist establishment and business is a world in itself. From targeting a specific audience to providing a pre-defined service level. However, there are situations in which it is recommended that a third party audits and verifies that the standards of the brand are met at all times or improved in the short and medium term. To strengthen the results and provide effective conclusions, there is one or several tactics at your disposal:


We help you plan, define and execute an evaluation or measurement project and to capture the opinion of your customers through online, offline and telephone surveys in addition to interviews or focus groups.

Online reputation

Monitoring online reputation helps tourism companies to know the opinions - favourable and unfavourable - of users in online media. Comments generated in the network are filtered to identify their direct impact on the company.

Mystery guest

This is an effective procedure to evaluate all or a selection of interactions between staff and users of a tourist service and analyze how it affects the experience of users.

Training courses

Training employees brings value to the company and helps to progress in knowledge as well as in general motivation. Preverisk has a wide catalogue of courses adaptable to your business model. Online Offline. On the job.

Information for companies with headquarters in Spain.

small>Companies with headquarters in Spain that train their workers may be subject to receiving bonuses that are deducted from the amount to be paid to the Social Security.
If you wish to train your employees, contact us to help you calculate the credit available for your company or manage procedures to obtain these benefits.

Reasons to work with us

eQutel is a service focused on tourism companies that seek to understand the potential for improvement through the analysis of customer perception and subsequent implementation of improvement plans.
Being a holistic discipline, we integrate experts from the fields of economics, psychology, tourism, quality, marketing and communication.

Custom solutions.
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