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Protecting the fauna. Everyone's duty.

Our value proposition

When it comes to animals in a touristic destination, travel businesses are looking forward to providing guests and travellers with experiences that are respectful with the fauna, their natural habitat and behaviour. For those reasons we developed a service targeted at providing advice and guidance, developing policies and standardized best practices as well as mitigating risks.

Methodologies we apply

We help companies of all sizes to identify, measure and manage the impact of their on-site activities where animals are a central part of the leisure proposal.

We provide structured guidance to tour operators and hotel companies throughout the process of implementing guidelines and standards aimed at safeguarding animal welfare to leaving a positive and lasting print on all ethical and commercial aspects.

In addition, we have the support of external collaborators for all additional topics that are outside our scope - consulting, auditing and training.

Reasons to work with us

Our team of specialists is composed of people with extensive experience in areas related to management, environment and sustainability from the social, cultural and labor point of view.

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