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Liability and compliance for tour operators, bedbanks and DMC's


After the publication of the revised Package Travel Directive (PTD) in 2015, the Travel industry’s approach to Health & Safety was forced to change. High-profile industry players that were not historically responsible for the welfare of their customers in-destination (in particular Bedbanks, OTA’s and DMC’s) suddenly found themselves liable in that event that something went wrong in-destination. As a result, Preverisk developed a new, unique approach to H&S audit and consultancy: the validated self-assessment. Leveraging our innovative App4Check technology, we were able to design a desktop-based auditing process that replicated the cost profile of a self-assessment, whilst getting far closer to the accuracy of a physical audit (the best approach, but not feasible at scale and with limited resources). This approach remains the gold standard in remote auditing for travel businesses.

Proposal and project

After more than a decade spent delivering successful Health & Safety projects to international tour operators and hoteliers, Preverisk was in a unique position to help. However, whilst we understood the requirements of an effective Health & Safety program, adapting the approach to suit less-traditional business models was a new challenge. After the new PTD was issued, Preverisk were commissioned by a new type of client: accommodation wholesalers and travel distributors. These businesses faced a unique challenge when compared to our traditional client base – how to assess thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of suppliers for Health & Safety compliance without breaking the bank.


By adapting our technology platform and rolling out this new assessment approach at scale, we have been able to help many leading Bedbanks, DMC’s, OTA’s and similar travel businesses meet their newfound obligations under the most recent Package Travel Directive. To this day, many of the travel industry’s key players trust us to solve this problem for them so that they can focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional travel experiences.

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