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Spreading a single message
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A Spanish hotel chain, leader in the holiday and urban segments with presence in more than 18 countries, needs to convey a homogeneous message to all its operational staff about its sustainability programme. In order to carry out this strategic task, it requires a company that provides integrated consulting, auditing and training services in multiple destinations and raises awareness and trains its employees.

Proposal and project

To respond to the needs of the hotel chain, a dedicated account team was set up to design and implement measurable actions that effectively convey and communicate the sustainability program.

With this objective in mind, the experts at Preverisk have developed and taught over the last three years a training program that has been widely accepted by corporate management and employees: Multilingual, with homogeneous contents, offered through dynamics and exercises that promote participation and awareness and supported by personalized and current didactic material.

The result of the set of actions has been subject to continuous measurement and monitoring through an auditing system that favours continuous improvement in real time. In addition, the project has been provided with additional advisory services, monitoring of action plans and implementation of documents or processes to ensure certifications made by external entities.


Over the last three years, the work of awareness, communication and participation has been continued. The numbers speak for themselves - around 2,000 courses were given to approximately 40,000 employees in more than 80 establishments.

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