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Share knowledge, co-develop. Keys and benefits of POST COVID19 Tourism Sector Alliance


In view of the current uncertainty affecting the tourism industry as a result of the pandemic, we at Preverisk want to propose an initiative that aims to start the recovery and be part of the solution. That is why we propose POST COVID19 Tourism Sector Alliance: An initiative of Preverik where we want to share our knowledge always based on public health recommendations and provide the industry with easy to execute plans in key health and safety areas.

Proposal and project

Shared knowledge
Based on all relevant Public Health recommendations and requirements of local and global authorities, Preverisk will provide recommendations for reopening in critical health, hygiene and safety areas and specific COVID measures and protocols19. Thus, the alliance will provide members with disinterested access to all information and procedures and offer health, hygiene and safety recommendations for reopening tourism establishments.
All Alliance members will be able to provide feedback and improve proposals. To this end, a unique platform has been created with exclusive access for alliance members to documents and methodologies based on the recommendations and adapted to the operation. In adition, there will be regular updates on innovative practices, methodologies and proposals. All enriched by the synergy of expert and informed opinions.


Join the alliance
To apply for membership in the alliance, please contact us by sending an email an email We also invite you to visit our page dedicated to the characteristics of the alliance, where you can also download the information brochure in pdf and preview the conditions of membership. Learn more now.

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