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Tourism in Southeast Asian countries greatly contributes to the economic well-being of one of the most populated regions on the planet. Wildlife is one of the many highlights of these tourist destinations. Western tourists have become increasingly aware and concerned about animal welfare in general. Before booking a package holiday, that includes for example, excursions to elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, they are already well aware of how these animals are treated. A large tour operator, aware of this also, approached us and requested our support and assistance in evaluating, in situ, the treatment that pachyderms (such as elephants) receive in the sanctuaries with which they collaborate.

Proposal and project

In response to the project’s specifications, Preverisk sent their Technical Manager and a consultant with extensive experience in animal welfare, to Thailand. Their aim was to assess the condition of various elephant sanctuaries using proven methodologies and app4Check (Preverisk’s own auditing tool). During a wide range of visits, the two consultants audited the sanitary condition of these centres, evaluated how the animals were treated, reviewed compliance with international standards and gave advice for ongoing improvements. To cover the geographical scope of the project, a team of supporting consultants remotely validated hundreds of online questionnaires, which Preverisk had sent to selected elephant sanctuaries, zoos and reserves.


By carrying out these visits, Preverisk has assisted their client, a European tour operator, to attain their objectives, whilst also contributing to sustainability in this Asian country. This innovative project has also served to initiate visits, on behalf of the same client, to dolphinariums in Cuba throughout 2020, with the aim of improving services and awareness in this destination too.

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