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Technology and people.

For 15 years, Preverisk has been offering solutions for the global tourism industry through audit, consultancy and training services in the fields of Health, Safety, Nutrition and Sustainability. To support our team of experts and others involved in audit projects, we have developed a tool that responds to the needs of receptive and emissive companies such as hotel chains, international operators or DMC's: app4Check..

app4Check is a software development of Preverisk Group that facilitates in-person and remote audits - whether on mobile device, tablet or computer. The audit tool is based on ease of use, consistent analytics and interfaces that allow you to control operational progress or act quickly on corrective actions.


app4check allows you to create templates for any type of audits, create dynamic questions and branching by subcategories of questions, define predetermined and fully customizable answers, assign corrective/preventive actions to each question, as well as information related to the standards defined.

In addition, it allows you to define different user profiles with different levels of access, use offline to facilitate user mobility, add photos and / or voice notes to the answers, assign punctuation and weighting to questions / answers, and send reports via email or PDF version and many more things like:

- Access to a comprehensive database on health and safety in hotels worldwide
- Detailed and punctual information
- Cost-effective time
- Objective decision making
- Dashboard Web: Management and control of results
- According to relevant legislation
- Provides legal due diligence

app4Check: multiplatform, cloud based. reliability.


Add to the most advanced tool on the market a team of experts at your disposal. Persons who offer flexible solutions for your business.

Let's talk about your business and our value propositions for the tourism industry! We work for hotel companies and all operators. That's why it's important for us to know more about your needs and help you effectively.

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