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We lauched our Covid-19 Alliance for the tourism sector in Chile


It is likely that sooner or later, we will take a globe of the world, spin it, close our eyes and choose a destination by randomly placing our finger on it. Or we may simply watch a blog and be captivated by new routes, experiences and adventures. Here at Preverisk to make it even easier, we have found the perfect place for your next vacation: Chile. There are destinations, and there are those destinations which have decided to adapt to a new system of safe activity, far more comprehensive than others. We have fallen for Chile and we are sure that you will too. Let me tell you why..

Last Wednesday 11th November, we organised a webinar in this country which won a World Travel Award for Best Destination in 2020. Through this webinar we wanted to bring together various hotel chains and institutions, to share their opinions and views on the tourism sector’s current situation, the potential of Chilean tourism and the various solutions that exist for adapting to this new system of safe activity. In short, a series of routines that we are familiar with and whose values we want to share in destinations which we back, such as Chile, as well as many others.

Thanks to our “COVID-19 Tourism Sector Alliance”, one of the first initiatives we created during the pandemic, we have been able to play our part in this fight against the virus by sharing our knowledge (always based on Public Health recommendations). In the webinar we suggested that the destination of Chile join this network, which is already made up of over 600 companies, to provide the tourism sector with helpful plans in the field of health and safety. Everything is collected in an area of co-development, in which members (hotels, institutions, tour operators, etc.) are able to share their experiences and concerns in order to strengthen an industry that has been greatly affected by the sudden halting of its activity. For the last seven months or more we have been verifying the use of this tool and now see the need to continue exploring new borders to achieve an ever-larger and more diverse alliance, because each individual destination has further needs which require specific solutions.

Our contribution to this platform has been gathered in documents, webinars (with our experts) and a host of innovative proposals that will certainly make it worthwhile to be part of. We know that the only way forward against this pandemic is by way of experience, training and common support, and with us these factors are assured. Would you like to know more? Join our Alliance or get in touch with us: (+56997838397).

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