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Preverisk is working with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; soon, we will be providing services for Morroccan authorities, too!


The Egyptian Hotel Association, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, began sterilizing hotels and resorts across the country under the supervision of the Ministry of Health due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Maged Fawzi,the head of Egypt Hotels Association,said that the association has started the sterilization campaign of hotels in Hurghada governorate as a first phase,and then it will start next week in hotels in Luxor governorate as a second phase.

Fawzi noted:“The hotels use sterilization materials approved by the Health Ministry,adding:“The process is carried out by efficient and trained teams according to international standards. They are sterilizing,every 3 hours,all surfaces in contact with tourists,guests and hotel visitors,such as public areas,corridors,guest rooms,elevators,stairs,doors,and handle rails.

Preverisk will begin work on Friday in the Luxor governorate, ensuring that the steps of such disinfection in hotels are efficient, supporting all professionals by guiding and advising them at all times. We will also develop POSI (Prevention of Spread of Infections) procedures and checklists for disinfection in hotels, we will take swab tests of the selected areas already mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as enhance the training of employees through the simulation of a viral infection in hotels. And above all, programs will be provided to increase the awareness of the employees of these hotels so that they, too, can learn to protect themselves from the virus.


If you would like MORE INFORMATION about POSI and the COVID-19, have a look to our new landing page that provides you with all the content you need.

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