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Preverisk collaborates with Cape Verde's Minstry of Tourism and Transport in an online coference with professionals from the tourism sector


140 people registered for the webinar promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and Transport regarding: "The Importance of Vaccination for the Tourism Sector".

The webinar was presided over by the Managing Director of Tourism and Transport, Francisco Martins, with the participation of the Jorge Barreto (National Directorate of Health)

and Humberto Lélis (Cape Verde’s Chamber of Tourism). Also participating were experts in technical aspects of vaccination from Preverisk: Mireia Delgado (Preverisk’s Business Director), Alexandra Nogueria (Preverisk’s Manager and Senior Consultant for Cape Verde), with support from Dr. Esteban Delgado (Preverisk’s President and Technical Director).

When will tourism be reactivated after vaccination? To arrive at a conclusion, our experts analysed in detail the de-escalation process and above all, what to expect. Now more than ever we need to be both optimistic and realistic, because the vaccine is not our only defence.

Around 84 operators in the tourism sector and sub-sectors, attended the meeting and had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts regarding Cape Verde’s vaccination process. In a survey, which they all completed, many requested another similar meeting along the same lines, because now more than ever, the sector needs encouraging: A participant stated: "The information from this seminar should be passed on to as many people as possible, because it’s both important and relevant.".

The message is clear: in tourist destinations in 2021, we need to be more committed than ever to health and safety. This comes from experts such as the European Travel Commission. Tourists, more than ever, will value destination’s preventative measures, protocols and training.

We’ll continue to visit yet more destinations, updating topics of interest that are relevant to the tourism sector, encouraging each other to move towards, and prepare ourselves for, a more promising future.

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