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Preverisk Group is selected by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism for the "WelcomeSafely" seal of approval


"Faced with the crisis generated by the spread of Covid-19, the tourism sector must capitalise on its assets and rethink in a context that has as its absolute priorities: safety, hygiene and quality". With these words, the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism communicated the importance of launching a safety label in the sector to make Morocco one of the most attractive, enriching and safe destinations: the "WelcomeSafely" label. A move that will guarantee the value of one of the most acclaimed destinations in the world.

At Preverisk Group we have contributed our knowledge to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the tourism sector. For the past year, we have been working with the global tourism sector to find the most effective measures adapted to the new situation. In total, around 500 hotels around the world have already been awarded our "Hygiene Responsive" certificate. A label of value that the Moroccan government has considered to be of equal importance to the "WelcomeSafely" label. That is why all tourist establishments in Morocco that already have our "Hygiene Responsive" will directly obtain the "WelcomeSafely".

In addition, our work has gone further and we wanted to add value to the certificates by training some 10,700 people from all over the world in Covid19 and Hygiene and Safety. Continuous training is the main guarantee of prevention. Of course, all of this, together with our audits, ensures the correct implementation of the measures and protocols, most of which are supervised and tailor-made by our experts.


1. Contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need to start the process.

2. Our experts will advise you on how to achieve the "Welcome Safely" seal. In addition, we can train your team, audit and prepare your hotel to give more value to your certificate with our Preverisk(in) programme.

3. Once everything is ready, we validate your hotel and report back to the ministry.

4. Thanks to the help of our experts, the Department of Tourism will start the process so that you can use the "WelcomeSafely" label.

5. VOILÀ! You now have your WelcomeSafely certificate! It's that easy to guarantee a safe experience for your guests!

Do you want to take the first step with us? Contact us without obligation for more information:

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