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News from Turkey: New office, breakfast edition,....

At the end of October, part of the international sales and administrative team from the head office, Ertugrul Aslan and Marina Bibiloni, travelled to Turkey to meet with the manager of Preverisk in Turkey, Yalin Bozkurt, in Antalya and respond to a triple purpose: to “officially” open the new office of the subsidiary of Preverisk Group, make a commercial visit to Antalya Tourism Fair and hold two Preverisk Breakfasts, the debate platform led by Preverisk to explore in an informal but welcoming atmosphere current issues for the sector. 

The new headquarters of the Turkish subsidiary is located in one of the most privileged areas of Antalya - the heart of Turkish tourism - and will from now on be the base from which all Turkish technical and commercial operations will be managed and which will also serve as a meeting point for the outstanding team and clients.

 The occasion was also taken to attend the Antalya Tourism Fair, a platform that brings together all actors in the tourism industry in the areas of influence to share the latest developments and create opportunities for cooperation and development. In it, both Yalin Bozkurt and Ertugrul Aslan were able to establish and strengthen contacts with

national tour operators, offline and online travel agencies, accommodation, airlines, transport companies, recreation areas or service providers and gastronomy.

The Preverisk Breakfasts were held on October 31st and November 1st at The Big Man Bistro and Café to offer guests a space that invites them to enjoy panoramic views and first class service. Guests included representatives from Rixos Group, Armas Hotels, Paloma Hotels, Fame Hotels, Innvista Hotels, Regnum Carya, Adalya Hotels, Karmir Hotels, Paximum Group, DE&HA Tourism or Alp Pasa Hotels.

After a warm welcome from the Preverisk team, the guests began to discuss the challenges facing the tourism sector in Turkey in general and then moved on to the theme of the day: The new European regulations on package travel. This theme was chosen not only for its novelty, but also for the relevance it has for one of the largest recipients of British and European tourists in the Mediterranean. As it was lined out during the debate by experts from Preverisk, the new law extends the protection of citizens who contract package tours and related services from hotel companies to organizers and retailers which will also have to provide a guarantee to respond for failure to provide their services and for insolvency. After some additional clarifications, the guests were especially interested in all issues related to risk minimization such as hygiene, health and safety both environmental and physical.

Sustainability, Big Data and innovation. Find out more about our event: "Safe and more sustainable destinations".

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