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More than 35,000 audits around the world are managed through our app


Would you like to be your own auditor with Preverisk's technology and know-how? Our digital tool for managing audits has been updated:

  • Simpler, more intuitive and faster.
  • Optimise your audits to the maximum led by our experts.
  • And now... at your team's fingertips and led by you.

The new version of APP4CHECK is much more than a data portal where the hotel tracks the audits carried out by our experts in person and/or remotely. Now the hotel itself will be able to acquire the app licence and carry out the audits themselves, they will also be able to easily follow up on non-conformities, always under our continuous advice.


Use App4check and your audits will be more comfortable and successful! Manage, supervise, delegate and communicate through this platform anywhere and from any device.

Optimise communication

No more emails, check-lists or calls on hold! All the information we need is in the same platform and the communication between your team and ours will be immediate through it.

Streamline operations and save on costs

The new update will allow you to SELF AUDIT yourself in a simple and intuitive way. If you have a specialised quality team, you can be your own expert and manage the tool yourself. This way, you can save on both travel and service costs.

Increase your team's knowledge

Our experts will train your quality team to become valid auditors and expand their knowledge in Health, Safety and Hygiene.

Improve the quality of your hotel

Whether you are a remote hotel, you need a combined audit plan or you want your team to take care of everything. We adapt to you to improve the quality of your hotel by offering you the best option for your audits.

Do you want to revolutionise your audits? Request your quote HERE.

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