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Mera Corporation strikes back against the pandemic with our "Covid-19 Hygiene Response".


In times of pandemic any shield is too little to protect against the unseen predators that attack us. Even so, many tourism companies have decided to fight tooth and nail to protect themselves from Covid-19. We tell you about the case of Mera Corporation which, together with our army, has managed to fight back against Covid-19 by counterattacking with measures, training and knowledge.

Little by little, the progressive reopening of the major tourist destinations showed that hotel companies were more than prepared to welcome tourists safely. Thanks to the implementation of protocols and training programmes, the sector was equipping its employees with the knowledge and skills available to act diligently in situations related to Covid19. An example of this is our partners at Mera Corporation who have always made safety a priority and wanted to join our certification process to ensure that the establishments are safe for everyone. After several days of intense work, training and measures, the Mera Corporation team was ready to win one of the many battles we are fighting for Covid-19. The key to their achievement of the certificate lies in 5 actions that they have mastered to perfection:

  • Monitor and keep up to date all implemented measures that mitigate the spread of Covid-19.
  • Preventing possible outbreaks of suspected or confirmed cases.
  • Keep all staff trained and qualified to manage potential cases.
  • Convey a message of confidence and intensive work to all customers.
  • Manage potential complaints and communicate effectively.

We believe that in battles like these the importance lies in the preparation of the soldiers. Mera Corporation has the best team to rely on: the constitution of a trained and up-to-date crisis management group, the training of the core staff, access control measures or the extended cleaning protocols, social distancing and containment measures or the detection of cases.

The certification process is a work captained by our experts together with the great will of Mera Corporation, who have managed to validate their efforts on their own merits. This recognition gives the sector the confidence it needs to revive itself as quickly as possible.

Although we speak of soldiers and battles, the metaphor is not far from the reality we are living through. A large part of the tourism sector deserves the gold medal and, hopefully soon, victory. In this story there are no princesses to rescue, nor dragons to defeat, but there is the invisible battalion we mentioned at the beginning to protect ourselves from, and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure safety and health in the destination.

Do you want to know about the certification process?

  • Formation and training of the crisis management team
  • Receiving a link for self-assessment
  • Completion of an RSAQ (responsible self-assessment)
  • Validation of the questionnaire remotely and/or in person
  • Obtaining a Grading
  • Receipt of the certificate

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